TWAT Fitch (sporkpope) wrote in llama_spit,
TWAT Fitch

i've got a bloody stalker

well kiddos your old pal kelda's got herself a stalker! yessiree a good old interent stalker! that bastard is the damn hacker everyone was paranoid about a few weeks ago. son of a bitch is in for a hell of a ride now. first he made the mistake of stalking me kelda the pope of sporks. then he made the incredibly foolish move of e-mailing me 96 times saying he loved me. but the real bursting point back was when he admited to being the hacker that caused all that damn trouble. he ain't gettin away with this oh no i'm gonna give him a hell of a time he won't even think about hacking our little chat room again or harrassing myself. buahahaha!
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